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Why do I get Error no Updateresult when updating?


Why do I get Error no Update result when updating?


If you get this error, that means you have serious configuration error. In this case, Kana Dynamic IP Updater will refuse to do the update. The reasons for this can be one of these:

  • A Fully-Qualified Domain Name was not provided.
  • The hostname specified does not exist.
  • You are not donator!.
  • Not your hostname.
  • The hostname is blocked for abuse.
  • Too many or too few hosts found.

Common mistake causes this error is you select wrong account type. Kana Dynamic IP Updater can update three types of account: Dynamic, Static, and Custom. So, please make sure that you set your account type correctly.

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  • Last updated: Thursday, November 11, 2010 12:15 pm
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