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Why do I get the […] error when updating?


Why do I get the […] error when updating?


To verify where the source of error, please do the following:

  1. As first step, you can use your browser to update. This will verify that the username, password, and hostname related to your account are correct.
  2. If you can successfully update by using browser, then please verify that those information are also correctly entered on the program. Please note that you need to enter hostname in complete form (e.g. myhost.dyndns.org) inside hostname box. This is because Kana Dynamic IP Updater does not provide list of host (because the list may change), so it is logical to think that you need to enter full hostname.
  3. If after verifying that the information is correct, but still got error result, please verify that Kana Dynamic IP Updater can connect to the internet. Please verify that if you have a firewall, that will not block Kana Dynamic IP Updater from accessing the internet (some firewall can automatically create a rule to block). Kana Dynamic IP Updater by default will try to connect to port 80 on dyndns.org server (from your view, that will be port 80 on remote computer), unless you specify to update by using the alternative port (port 8245).
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  • I am getting an “Update result: Error no update”

    its one of 2 things I am not a donor or my account pasword is incorrect. Can you please axplain how I update through my browser? Am I supposed to type a URL? If donate how do I make sure my hosname is credited?

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  • Last updated: Saturday, January 15, 2011 11:52 pm
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