Kana Reminder

Latest version:, beta version:


Installation instructions:

For distribution with setup program

  1. Unzip the downloaded file into temporary folder.
  2. Run file Setup.exe.
  3. Follow instructions provided by setup program.

For distribution without setup program

  1. Unzip the downloaded file into a folder where you want to put the program.
  2. Run the file with exe extension.

See also: How can I install/uninstall the programs provided from this site?.

Download statistic for all versions: downloaded today 6, downloaded total 197,821. Note: This statistic counts the files download from this site only.

Latest Version

Beta Version


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  • Thanks for this greeeeeeeeat app !

  • Make your portable version please KanaReminder.

    To keep the base of reminders in the folder where you installed the program

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  • Windows 7 (x64) users, download the Beta Version Reminder- Works for me!

    I have used & loved this tiny little software on XP. But that version doesnt work on Win-7. Gives me “Cannot write to .ini” file error. But the Beta version meantioned above works.

    • It works on my Windows-7 perfectly….

    • I’m trying it and I can tell I finally found the software I need, simple, smart, slim and stealth.

      P.s. I run Reminder- (no setup) on Windows 7 and Xp and I have no problem (Y)

  • it’s a great software!

  • I like your program

    1. light
    2. simple
    3. easy to use
    4. friendly to the system
    5. no virus or malware or adware or system weird activities so far.

    Keep it that way!

    What I don’t like & suggestions.

    1. Date format is hard to read:
    (Mar 2, 2013) much easier than (3/2/2013), is it mar 2nd or Feb 3rd ???

    2. No option to keep old reminders:
    Why when I dismiss the alert, no expired alert is left in the program, it get’s deleted, I want to dismiss it and at a later time reactivate it without doing all the settings again and without having to choose another reminder time now, in fact I see a grayed out deleted button but not used.

    3. See alert or alert subject even when using a Password:
    For the password part I was expecting to be able to see the alert window and message and the password would just be used to prevent a different user from playing with the alert or closing it, the different user won’t be able to inform me of my appointment while he is using my PC.

    In my case, I could be making the reminder specially for that person who will be using the PC while I am away.

    4. Password does not protect the settings or program, just the reminder, would feel safer if protected.

    5. Any user can disable sound alert even if password protected.

    7. No title for the reminders, that would be useful in point #3, you can allow any user to see the title but not the content, also see point #8

    8. No detailed list of reminders on taskbar, better than opening a program just to see what’s on, check Reminderfox as an example. this one is really cool if adopted.

    9. Popup calendar is a bit annoying to use, colored dates would helpful, I liked Rainlendar but it was too messy, need a middle ground.

    10. Alert window opens in upper left corner of the screen when using password, did not try without password, middle of the screen or over clock would be better.

    11. Some kind of visual classification of reminder type would be a big plus.

    Thanks for sharing and reading. good luck.

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  • Last updated: Monday, November 22, 2010 8:47 pm
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