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  • Been using Kana on Win XP & found it very useful. Have now upgraded to Win7. Does Kana work on Win7 32 bit?
    I hear there is a scheduler in Win7 but it can’t be as good as Kana!!

    • Kana Reminder version 2 works great in Windows 7 32 bit. It should not cause any problem because it follows all Windows’ guidelines regarding program placement, data placement, etc.

      I didn’t check it for 64 bit yet, but I believe it will work just fine.

      • Works well in the 64 bit version of Windows 7 system too. What happened to the developer of this software. It’s been almost ten years now that the beta version has been out.

  • Does anyone know if Kana Reminder works in Win7 64-bit? I’ll be upgrading in March. I sure hope so. This is the first utility that I’ve tried that does not freeze or have memory leaks.

  • It is possible to populate the Kana Reminder solution using the Window Command Line ?
    Thank in advance for your response
    Have a nice day


  • Hi Kana works fine on Win7 except it will not shut down or restart the computer. I have tried with and without the “Unconditional” box ticked but no luck.Is there something I’m missing.
    Also the help is missing.

  • Win7 64-bit using 2.0.00 build 122 and it works fine for me. I have not tested all features, but use and count on the reminder function. Great little program, thank you for your effort!

  • How can I use Kana to shut down my computer a a certain time? ‘m using the Beta 2.0 version.

  • Hello, I am using the Kana Reminder since last week and i really need to add a lot of reminder in one step like importing a text file or csv file. I work with software also and would like to know if you have any repositories of code to add this feature by myself because i think will take time to release a new version with this feature, right? Or if you are not going to put your code in opensource, just tell me the structure of the bin file saved to write a reminder feed and then export the reminders to the file.
    Kind regards

  • Hi,

    Would it be possible to add some sort of confirmation dialogue before running a scheduled task? – in my case program startup at a certain time.


  • I like this program. If it was going to be further developed, I think the daily reminder should have the option of being only weekdays, M-F…as in more business oriented.

    I am running on Win 7 Sp1 64-bit with no problems.

  • I down loaded the program. (at least I thought I did) but I can’t find it. Should I try again or does anyone know how I can find it. I have tried computer searching for it but no luck. I am a novice but seems like I shouldn’t be having this much trouble.

    Any suggestions?

  • Nice Program, works in Win 8 Preview also.
    Please add for weekly to be able to select which days want it to repeat, instead of all weekdays or just once weekly. I have to make a copy of reminder have it repeat the days i want, ie every Tuesday and Thursday.

    • Nice workaround, I miss this feature too.

  • I liked Kana reminder until this week when it continuously kept displaying old reminders from last March. If I deleted them, they then reappeared. My forthcoming reminders are no longer present. I thought I’d delete Kana Reminder and then reinstall. Following your advice I deleted all the files but I can’t delete RemSetup – I can’t close Kana Reminder which I think stops me removing it. I get the error message “Unable to write to C:\Program Files x86\Kana Reminder\Reminder.ini.
    THe Reminder screen is constantly present on my PC; please help me sort out this problem.

    • Win7 64 bit

      I was able to correct the Unable to resolve the unable to write to C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Kana Solution\Kana Reminder\Reminder.ini. issues by changing the install directory to C:\Users\”your username”\Documents\Kana Reminder
      Not the most elegant solution but it works without have to launch the program as admin all the time.

  • Simple is beautiful. A small, simple, and effective program is worth more than confusing complexity. I’ve been using Kana Reminder for a month or so. I’m sure there will be more to learn about it, to get the best from it.

    My initial observation is the lack of stacking of reminders. To explain . . .

    I get called away, then return to my computer. I find one reminder on my desktop. I deal with it appropriately and then . . .

    The three others which I missed will only appear if I click on the flashing tray icon.

    Once the present on-screen reminder has been dealt with, why doesn’t the immediate past, but just missed reminder appear? Then once that one is dealt with, any earlier reminders that are effectively waiting in the queue should come up as a reminder window.

    That seems to me to be possible, without any change to what a used has to do, so would help retain the keep-it-simple idea.

    The flashing desktop tray icon is – in my view – not sufficient, as I may have another program that I’m busy with.

  • Tried to download Kana Reminder today, but had no luck?

  • I use Kana Reminder and have for years. Please, could you add “Every 4 weeks” to Repetition: Predefined and “Weeks(s)” to Custom Repetition Settings?

    Another suggestion: add the ability to specify the duration of the audible alarm on a reminder by reminder basis.


  • anyone kow how to make kana reminder run at start up with xp


  • how do u get support for KR , the online form wont recognize my email as valid

  • Reminder is a very nice program but can someone tell me how to make it start at start up

  • Hi, I asked work if I could install this program for my personal use and they said yes, and one of them did by logging in as Administrator.

    All was well until I restarted my PC a week later, and the program did not start automatically. I located it and started it, and all my previous reminders were gone, and when I tried to do anything I got the error message “Unable to write to C:\Program Files\Kana Reminder\Reminder.ini.”

    Is there a way around this?
    Can Kana Reminder be installed on a PC so that an ordinary user can use it without being an Administrator?
    Additionally, what file actually holds my reminders? If I’m unable to use it as an ordinary User, I’m hoping I can at least extract the reminders I had created from a file?

  • I wish I wouldn’t have downloaded it. After I dismiss a reminder it automatically brings it right back up. I am currently trying to uninstall the program but it keeps bringing up an error. A program that wont let you uninstall it, seems rather sketchy to me.
    For what it does i wish i would have just kept to google calandar.

  • Is it possible to set reminders to run on weekdays only?

  • I had many reminders setup under Kana Reminder. Out of the blue, I get
    a notification that the software needed to be updated and that
    reminders would be backed up to reminder.old.

    I have that file, now what can I do to get my old reminders back? I
    tried opening the .old file with notepad, when notepad opens, nothing is shown.

  • I’ve been using kana reminder for a couple of years now. I have this problem where some reminders stay on top and some do not. I want them to NOT stay on top (I check the task bar for them). I have checked the options on the two types and they are all the same. I cannot find a way to fix the stay-on-top reminders. Does anyone know how to interpret the data file–it is binary. Is there a converter to and from text so I can look there to see what is going on?

  • I downloaded Kana two weeks ago. Using Windows 8.1 and have lost all my reminders twice!!! whats going on. I cant afford to keep losing them and will have to look for another program if this is not solved

  • Hello all

    I just wanted to know im using kana as e-mail

    and I just want to know if and when an e-mail comes will it notify me ?

    and if there any way I can set notification ?

    thank you

  • Nice program, I would however have liked it to give me a count down to my event so that I didn’t get a renminder to get a Birthday present on the actual birthday but have the warning given a variable (selectable) number of days before the event.

    Only just started to use this because PC recently upgraded to Win7 and old reminder prog stopped working!


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  • This is a great program! I'm using it for several years as an organiser to remind me of calls to make, things to do, birthdays, etc. I'm an owner of a small IT business and this program has really helped. It's as important as my e-mail program. It's easy to install, to use, to backup. It really helps a lot. Although it's free, I'm using it for several years so I thought it would be good to make a small donation to the guys who made created it, I think they deserve it.
  • General text: "СпаÑ
  • This is a fine program that I have used for about a year. About a month ago the reminders with recurring multiday intervals all the way up to 3 months have started firing off daily. I have completeely removed and re-installed the software with no improvement. I have to assume this is caused by some Windows XP security fix that was installed because I have made no other changes. I hope there will be an update as I really like this software. Congratulations on a nice package!
  • Splendid and very useful program. However, I used to run with the pop up window "on top", which I found very useful. Having reloaded [I think an old version] after re installing windows XP, the pop up window does not come up or stay up. I do get the beep for reminders. I have ticked start with windows and auto pop up. I have checked the .ini.file and see RunWithWindows=0 PopupOnTop=1 AutoPopup=1 AutoClose=0 AutoCloseIdx=0 What do I need to do to get the pop up window to come up and stay on top.
  • Kana reminder is terrific. I like all the information displayed with a reminder popup, and the ability to add a long reminder. I have one suggestion and one bug to report: I have so many reminders that it would be very helpful if the main reminders window could be dragged larger (expanded) to accomodate the number and size of reminders. The (alleged) bug deals with the "Remind me again" feature: If I set a weekly reminder to "remind me again" in 2 or more days (up to 7), the reminder always pops up in 1 day.
  • I depend upon Kana Reminder (V. Been using it for years, but over the past few months, my data file has up & disappeared 3 times now. Wutzup with this. Luckily I have a backup program that does a weekly backup, so I can restore to about 98%. I am on a WinXP, w/ everything fully up-2-date. Me-thinks there is a bug that needs a fix. Program needs a built-in Backup/restore routine.
  • Excellent program. I am using Kana Reminder 1.5 When there are two or more reminders - I am unable to edit them to change configuration. Please suggest. Please keep up the excellent work. Thanks. VTS
  • When i start Kana reminder, i get the error message "invalid argument for time encode", and all my data are not show. What to do ?
  • I use the 1.5..... version and it' s a good - free program but something can get improve. If the program popup while i type on the keyboard i am unable to read message before it "pop down". I hope in the 2.1.000 version...as soon as possible.
  • As I mentioned a few posts ago, I think the "millions of disk i/o's per day" is the big behind the scenes issue. I think I'm going to setup a ram disk (remember those?) and load the reminder there. This way they will not be physical disk i/o's. Seems like a lot to go through though and perhaps I will, after may, many years, switch to something else. Still, remember all, this is FREE and done out of the goodness of Kana's heart. So if we don't like it, don't use it. It makes no difference to Kana one way or another. Brian
  • Kana reminder beta version 2.0.122 was previously available in 2008. Waiting for the 2009 release of Kana Reminder to include printing capabilities.
  • This is a very good programme BUT one of the reasons i want to use it is for the AUTO SHUTDOWN option and it HASNT WORKED YET. I was using the previous version and that was fine. (VISTA)
  • Looking forward to the next version of Kana Reminder that will be a stable Version 2.0+. Kana's webpage was last updated on November 5th,2008. Suggest a new update for December 2008.
  • Installed Kana Reminder version 20.0 build 122 - Beta. In comparison to the previous version Kana Reminder v1.5 the functions were very disappointing. The new Kana Reminder v20.0 beta lacks custom controls that the earler version Kana Reminder v1.5 has integraded inside the software. Version 20.0 incorporates a GUI Calendar in the system tray. It is very difficult to remove this sys tray calendar from memory.
  • Hello I am a long time user of Kana Reminder and I want to express my appreciation. You have done this for other people and make it freely available, which is wonderful. Thank you so much. One thing that I find irritating is when people complain, or want enhancements to programs that someone has developed for free. What do people want? It is a free program that we should be (and I am) lucky to have, and not criticize it. So, I have no criticisms, but like the other poster "stonek", I wonder about the number of disk i/o's. The number is in the millions per day. I always wonder if I should run Reminder at all with this number of i/o's, then I forget all about it. It does concern me though. Could we have an explanation of this behavior? Once again, thank you for providing Reminder. Brian
  • Th program is very handy and I thank Kana Solutions for it. How do I opt for Recurring reminders (like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. ) and WHERE?? I shall be grateful if someone can guide me in layman's language, as I am not computer-savvy.
  • hey, it's a nice program. I had used ms-outlook for alarm popup before. But now, I use you program, it's light and functional. I have one recommendattion for your program. It's the "Keeping History" what i done before, so I know what i done and when i done something. I think that it's a good fuction on you program and users. I think that the most of guys who needs alram program is bussiness man or company people like me(may be not :-). They writes weekly report and wanna konw when & what i done in this or last week. If your program keeps history of items (date, time and text), it's a lot helpful for me and maybe othres. It's just a suggestion, thanks for reading.
  • Great and very useful tool. I use beta version ( The only thing I dont uderstand is why reminder.exe reads C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Kana Solution\Kana Reminder\Reminder.ini. This small ini file is being read every second, that I think is not necessary (try filemon from sysinternals).
  • Reminder is a very nice program... but it's eating 50% of my CPU! (v1.5.0 (build 61) Is there a plan to make it less CPU intensive?
  • I think this is an excellent tool. However, I do not understand the "more" option "ignore overdue on start" when adding a reminder. If checked does it mean do not display the reminder if the time for it has already passed, or does it mean ignore the fact that it is overdue and continue to display it until deleted. What I want is the latter, as the event may well be overdue since I do not switch on everyday. I seem to have "lost" some overdue reminders [they were probably display once but I am not sure.
  • Works great with one ommission. You can start a programn at a specific time but can you shut the program down at a later time? I coundn't find out how. All I could find was Computer Shutdown which is not always desirable. Am I missing something?
  • I like your reminder!! :) I found some weird in v2 beta version I got notice about my reminding so I clicked to edit it. I did not finish this editing and I got my second remindation so I clicked to edit too. When I finished first task I wanted to edit second task but it got red color and it was unable to edit or delete or display. I can send screenshots or video how it happends. Thank you for this software !
  • I have used Kana Reminder for quite a while now. I don't know what I would do without it. I tried several others but none of them does the job as nicely as Kana. I have one suggestion for a future version. I would like to have to option to keep the information in a reminder in some sort of log. That way I could go back and check at a later date. This could be activated with an additional button on the reminder "Log and Dismiss". Thanks for a great little program.

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